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Assam Child Marriage: Civil Rights Body Calls Out State Govt

17 Feb 2023                                                                                                  The Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) on Friday called out the Assam government for its crackdown on child marriages in which over 3,000 arrests have been made so far. APCR accused the Assam government of creating fear among the minority communities in the state. The crackdown on child marriage in Assam began on February 3 with 3,047 arrests made so far across the state, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma.                                                                                             


‘Darrang Injured Left Without Proper Treatment, Moinul Haque’s Son Made to Report to Police’


4 Oct 2021

New Delhi:The bullets in the bodies of three people who received bullet injuries after having been shot at by police during the September 21 eviction drive carried out by Assam government in Darrang district…. 

UP Police killed 23 Muslims, arrested more than 3000 during anti-CAA protest: Report

February 16, 2022                                                                            Karnataka is ranked third among States with highest number of attacks on members of the Christian community and their places of worship, according to a fact-finding report that was released on Sunday. The report, which is a joint initiative of the United Christian Forum, Association for Protection of Civil Rights, and United Against Hate….

Break your Silence against Hate and Fear Speech: APCR

By Millat Times Staff                                      December 28, 2021                                      A so-called “Religious Parliament” was organised between December 17 and 19, by the right-wing activists, hardline fundamentalists and Hindutva organisations at Haridwar which turned out to be a hate assembly after new benchmarks of hate speech, lies and fear were set to give clarion calls for violence, elimination, cleanising and genocide of Indian Muslims. The hindutva hardliners reference to the duplication of Rohingya genocide (Myanmar) of 2016 in India is an attempt of majoritarian radicalisation against minority

Ram Navami violence: Fact-finding team blames Bihar govt’s ‘failure’

20 Jun,2023                                                                                                  A fact-finding team from the Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) visited Bihar following large-scale communal violence that took place during and around the Ram Navami rally last month. Based on its findings, the APCR said that the violence reflected “the total failure of administrative duties and lack of preparedness” by the JD(U)-RJD government. From a wider perspective, the organisation said that the incident ruined the social fabric of India by depicting “Hindutva supremacy”.