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What We Do


We provide pro bono legal aid, intervene on the socio-legal cases of public importance and promote legal activism through PILs, complaints, RTIs etc.

Field Visits

Our fact-finding teams meets with victims of violence and injustice to dig out ground realities based on facts and first hand information of through our field work activities.


We often develop and publishes resources on basic human rights education an legal awareness along with more robust and comprehensive reports on various human rights abuses in India


Our advocacy campaigns are driven by mass engagements and sensitization through all modern and traditional tools aimed at securing actions towards reforms.


Our paralegal trainings upskills individuals and marginalized communities to raise and seek for themselves without any external support in case of adversity.


We liason innovative projects with non-profit organizations and independent individuals to maximize our collective impact for cause of justice and equity.

From President’s Desk

On attainment of freedom from foreign yokes, our country had men of wisdom who drafted the Constitution for the establishment of a Republican, Secular state; summarising essential spirit in its Preamble namely, Justice, Equality, Freedom, Liberty and Fraternity. These basic values are threatened and suppressed by men in power who possess an enormous inclination toward injustice.

It is time for every citizen to rise and perform his/her fundamental duty to protect our Republican Constitution. Therein lies the guarantee to breathe freely. APCR is the organization to assist all our Indian brothers and sisters to discharge their Fundamental Duty.
~Senior Advocate Yusuf Hatim Muchhala
Bombay High Court